All quiet?

October, thought to be a quiet, off-peak kind of month. Not true here on the project. A nice quiet day here in the Peak District – so we’re off to carry on with the visitor survey. We’ve been surveying visitors since early August to get a handle on such mundane items as how they got here, to the more typical how many visits they’ve made to the site, to how important they think history is. We have to say there are some interesting answers and the dataset is throwing up a few surprises so far.

Also on the survey front, we are going to be doing some more geophysical surveys nearby, to build up our understanding of what might lie beneath some of the humps and bumps that we’ve noticed as we walk around the area. We might look like we’re just out for a stroll, but some keen observations are being which are helping us formulate further hypotheses about the land around the henge. We can’t say to much at the moment but we are looking forward with some excitement to this next wave of surveys and hope it is as productive as the last!

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  1. John Oswin says:

    I have been trying to find a way of sending you an email with a document attached but this seems to be the only way of contacting you.
    I am the techie for a ‘rival’ team (not raelly rival – more compementary) working on the stone circles and their environs at Stanton Drew, Somerset. Our latest report on our 2013 work is now on the publications page of the Bath and Camerton Archaeological Society website, either in a small screen version or as a print quality version. With our work on the Big Ground Mound there, Gibb Hill is of some interest by analogy. You will also find our 2012, 2010 and 2009 reports on the same page

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