This Season’s Work

This is the first season of the project and we have two main areas of work. The first of these is in the field immediately to the south of Gib Hill, outlined in red. This field contains an earthwork which was thought to be contemporary with the henge of Arbor Low by Gray who excavated sections of it in his 1901-2 work.  However, there remains some doubt about this and the full extent of the earthwork is as yet unknown. In order to assess the area for further evidence of human activity we will be carrying out a magnetometry survey. This will be especially helpful in identifying areas of burning, an activity often associated with neolithic monuments.

Our second area of work is in a field close by. One of the questions asked by many people when they visit Arbor Low (and a lot of other prehistoric sites) is where did the people live? The simple answer is that we are not yet certain about this! To begin answering this question we will be digging a number test-pits to try to establish the extent of activity to the south-west of the henge. These small trenches, 1 metre square, will open a window on what is below the surface and will help us further assess the archaeology.

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  1. Rob Barnett says:

    I am a local archaeologist and would be interested to assist in this exciting project ! Arbor Low being a particular interest of mine.
    If there is any opportunities to assist in any way please let me know asap and I can arrange time off from my regular job.

    Many thanks.


    Rob Barnett

    07538 577447
    01298 83718

  2. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Any opportunity to get involved with the project at any level would be greatly appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Hi Robert, fieldwork has ended for this year but we hope to be back next year. Will be in touch nearer the time – thanks for your interest in the project.

  3. Siom Black says:


    I would also be very interested in volunteering my services anyway I can for next seasons work. I live locally and have a keen interest in prehistoric archaeology and Peak District sites especially Arbor Low in particular. Working on the site or being involved in anyway would be a dream come true.


    Simon Black
    07710 832837

  4. Janet Roche says:

    I have some experience of working on ‘digs’ so would love to be icluded in this one at Arbor Low. Please contact me.

  5. Peter Garth JOHNSON says:

    I have lived in New Guinea for over fifty years. I was fascinated to visit Arbor Low a few years ago, my ancestors were from this wonderful part of England. I would love to grab a shovel and help, but this is impossible; in lieu how can I make a small financial donation?

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