Visitor Survey at Arbor Low

It might surprise you to know that, until now, there has only been one visitor survey carried out at Arbor Low. This was done in 1996 by some pupils from Buxton Community School as part of their studies.

Part of the rationale for the Arbor Low Environs Project (ALEP) is that we are keen to share our archaeological findings with a broad an audience as possible, but we are also interested in finding out who visits the site and hence who might be interested in the project! Over a two month period (Aug-Sept 2013) we carried out our own visitor survey which has produced some interesting results and some which we might have expected.

The demographics of this sample of visitors was for the most part in keeping with other surveys of heritage attractions. Over 80% of those surveyed were aged 35 yrs and older and there was an almost equal split between the sexes. Almost half of the visitors described themselves as ‘British’, but only 3% were members of ethnic minorities.  Over 58% were from higher social classes and over 70% had at least undergraduate experience of Higher Education and over 22% had Postgraduate qualifications.

Arbor Low seems to attract repeat visitors as almost a third of those surveyed had visited before. Interestingly, only 11% of visitors were Peak District residents. If you would like to know more you can download the full survey results and a discussion of the findings by following the link below. Be warned – it is in an academic style! If you have any comments or questions, please use contact us.

Download Arbor Low Visitor Survey



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